Egis acquires the start-up Sisprobe, the world leader in seismic exploration and monitoring based on the acquisition and processing of ambient seismic noise. With offices in France, the USA and Australia, Sisprobe enhances Egis’s offering in the geotechnical services field. This new acquisition is part of the Egis group’s strategic plan – Impact the Future – which aims to make Egis one of the world leaders in construction engineering.

Sisprobe is the only company in the world focused on ambient seismic noise processing for industrial applications, using algorithms and unique know-how resulting from 20 years of research conducted at the Institute of Earth Sciences (ISTerre) at Grenoble Alpes University, France.

Sisprobe, technical prowess deployed for subsurface imaging and site monitoring

Unlike active seismic imaging, which uses an artificial source such as Vibroseisã trucks or explosives, the innovative passive seismic imaging techniques employed by Sisprobe harness ambient seismic noise, i.e., waves generated by natural sources (wind, sea swell, etc.) or human sources (urban or industrial noises). This technique produces high-resolution images of the sub-surface, in an easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Head-quartered on the University campus, Sisprobe’s mixed team of engineers/doctors and world-renowned researchers pursue the development of innovative solutions for the conception of seismic studies, data acquisition, data processing and interpretation, all applied to renewable energy (geothermal resources), geotechnical engineering, and mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.

Sisprobe provides its services worldwide, chiefly in France, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada and Australia. It works in a wide range of industries such as petroleum, mining, geothermal, geo-engineering, water resources, and geo-hazards

With Sisprobe, Egis consolidates its offering in geotechnical and geodynamic expertise, opening up new avenues to innovative structure-monitoring methods. Geotechnical engineering, which encompasses an array of specialities, is one of the Egis group’s standout activities, deployed in many major projects.

“We are well-acquainted with the experts at Sisprobe who are joining us. On many occasions, we have been fortunate enough to benefit from their technical prowess on key projects with industrial clients or safety authorities. The acquisition of Sisprobe is a genuine opportunity for Egis to offer our clients innovative solutions to meet installations safety requirements, or to acquire crucial data for the development of certain mining or geothermal energy projects. This technology reinforces our synergies and development on the overseas market, most notably in the United States, a lever for our Group’s Impact the Future strategy.”

Luc Boutonnier, director of geotechnical operations at Egis

“We are delighted to be joining Egis, a group with renowned technical excellence, and contributing our unique skills to a wide range of projects for Egis customers’ wordwide.”

Nicholas Arndt, President of Sisprobe

With nearly 10 acquisitions completed since the beginning of the year in the areas of railways, buildings, nuclear power, mobility and digital technology, Egis continues to pursue its growth ambitions and consolidate its position as a leading player in engineering in France and abroad.