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Our group is composed of internationally recognized experts in noise-based seismic imaging and monitoring.

We have offices in Grenoble (France), Los Angeles (USA) and Hobart (Autralia).

Sisprobe has pioneered and continues to develop the world’s most innovative seismic techniques for noise-based imaging and monitoring. Our passive seismic products and services enable quick and cost-effective surveys.

Sisprobe is the world’s leading provider of subsurface imaging and monitoring using ambient noise surface wave tomography – the most environmentally-friendly method of subsurface seismic imaging. 

Sisprobe has processed passive seismic data for projects and clients worldwide – most recently in France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, and Australia. The method is used in many industries including petroleum, mining, geothermal, geo-engineering, water resources, and geo-hazards.

Sisprobe is a dynamic startup hosted on the campus of University Grenoble-Alpes. Sisprobe’s scientific committee comprises world-renowned researchers at the forefront of developments in the field of passive seismic interferometry.

Olivier Gay
Olivier GayDirector
26 years experience in Civil Engineering / geotechnical, head of instrumentation team at Egis
PhD in soils mechanic and instrumentation
Olivier Magnin
Olivier Magnin
Scientific advisor and Business development Europe, Phd. in Geopysics
Frédéric Walet
Frédéric Walet President
Deputy Managing Director in charge of operations: Business Line Water Environment Energy at EGIS
Dan Hollis
Dan Hollis Business developper America
37 years experience in seismic exploration and numerous collaborations with industry using dense nodal seismic networks. He pioneered use of passive seismic for sub-surface imaging.
Richard Lynch
Richard LynchBusiness developer Autralasia
PhD in theoretical physics. 20 years experience in the global mining industry working on all aspects of microseismic monitoring, including 7 years as CEO of a mine seismology technology and services company.
Nick Arndt
Nick ArndtGeologist
Emeritus professor of the Université Grenoble Alpes, specialist of magmatic ore deposits, member of committees that evaluated mineral resources in China and Polynesia, consultant for BHP, VALE and Boliden.
Anaïs Lavoué
Anaïs LavouéResearch Engineer
PhD in seismic volcanology at UGA. 2 years experience in the building industry. Specializes in field work, seismic equipment management and treatment of ambient noise data for imaging purpose.
Hortense de Lagarrigue
Hortense de LagarrigueExecutive Assistant
Business school degree. Five years of experience in the consulting and human resources sector.
Sophie Beauprêtre
Sophie BeauprêtreResearch Engineer
PhD in geophysics, 5 years experience in O&G industry. Joined Sisprobe in September 2018; specializes in O&G applications.
Chloé Gradon
Chloé GradonResearch Engineer
Sisprobe is delighted to strenghen its forward pack with a new employee and rugby player, Chloé Gradon. She specializes in passive seismic data processing. She brings her expertise on monitoring, from the localization of seismic sources to the measurement of velocity changes in the medium, acquired during her time in academic research.
Roméo Courbis
Roméo CourbisResearch Engineer
PhD in Computer Science at University Franche-Comté, Post-doc in seismology at University Grenoble Alpes. Joined Sisprobe in September 2018; specializes in treatment of ambient noise data for monitoring and imaging.
Mathilde Masson
Mathilde MassonResearch Engineer
For this new year 2023, Sisprobe team welcomes a new employee: Mathilde Masson, who just graduated from EOST (Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre) in Strasbourg. Ambient noise surface wave tomography is not new to her since she already carried out an internship at Sisprobe in summer 2021. She then specialized in electromagnetic measurements during her final internship. And last but not least, Sisprobe hopes that her special talent in bakery will be a real asset to propose fresh and new recipies to the team!

Science and Research Advisory Board

Florent Brenguier
Florent BrenguierProfessor, UGA
Led the development of noise-based seismic imaging and monitoring; published 3 Nature and Science papers. Recipient of Aki young scientist award of the American Geophysical Union.
Aurélien Mordret
Aurélien MordretResearch associate, UGA
Developed applications of noise-based seismic imaging using a dense industrial seismic network; published 5 papers in major geophysical journals. Extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry and contacts with major players in the sector.
Pierre Boué
Pierre BouéAssistant prof, UGA
Expert in ambient noise and seismic array processing; explored noise-based methodology looking for new observables and measurements; published several papers on body-wave extraction and imaging using noise correlations.