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Our group is composed of internationally recognized experts in noise-based seismic imaging and monitoring.

We have offices in Grenoble, France and Los Angeles, USA.



Nick Arndt*
Nick Arndt*President
Emeritus professor of the Université Grenoble Alpes, specialist of magmatic ore deposits, member of committees that evaluated mineral resources in China and Polynesia, consultant for BHP, VALE and Boliden.
Dan Hollis*
Dan Hollis*Directeur General
Has 37 years experience in seismic exploration and numerous collaborations with industry using dense nodal seismic networks. He pioneered use of passive seismic for sub-surface imaging.
Malgorzata Chmiel*
Malgorzata Chmiel*Research Engineer
PhD in seismology from UGA and CGG, a French geoscience consulting company. Joined Sisprobe in August 2017; specializes in treament of dense passive seismic networks.

* Salaried Sisprobe employees

Science and Research Advisory Board

Philippe Roux
Philippe RouxReseach Director, CNRS/UGA
Is an outstanding researcher who performed pioneering research on noise-based seismic imaging; collaborates strongly with industry (e.g. Shell and CGG); received the Medwin Prize in Acoustical Oceanography.
Florent Brenguier
Florent BrenguierAssoc Prof, UGA
Led the development of noise-based seismic imaging and monitoring; published 3 Nature and Science papers. Recipient of Aki young scientist award of the American Geophysical Union.
Aurélien Mordret
Aurélien MordretPostdoc at MIT
Developed applications of noise-based seismic imaging using a dense industrial seismic network; published 5 papers in major geophysical journals. Extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry and contacts with major players in the sector.
Michel Campillo
Michel CampilloProf. UGA
Internationally recognized for pioneering research on noise-based seismic imaging and monitoring; published 5 Science and Nature papers; received Gutenberg Medal of European Geosciences Union and Gutenberg Lecturership of American Geophysical Union.
Pierre Boué
Pierre BouéAssistant prof, UGA
Expert in ambient noise and seismic array processing; explored noise-based methodology looking for new observables and measurements; published several papers on body-wave extraction and imaging using noise correlations.

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