March 4, 2021

PDAC 2021 – Sisprobe virtual booth

Sisprobe will be present, in spirit if not in person, at PDAC 2021. By visiting our virtual booth using the link below, you will learn about our latest exciting activities using passive seismic for cover mapping, monitoring of tailings facilities, and exploring water resources and natural hydrogen.

January 25, 2021

Sisprobe is extremely proud and honoured  to have won the Eramet-EIT Monitoring Challenge. We look forward to interacting with Eramet to realise the exciting projects we developed with the valuable assistance of our Eramet mentors, Denis Richard and Marie-France Meschi-Daniel. We spare a thought for the other two finalists, Markus Häupl of abaut GmbH and Marc Banaszak of Mecorad who gave excellent presentations describing their interesting and innovative projects. It is a great pity we could not all have won.

December 8, 2020

RenovRisk Erosion

Sisprobe is proud to have participated in this great project by renting its nodes to the BRGMs.

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November 24, 2020

Mineral Exploration

Sisprobe is happy to release an updated capability statement for passive seismic surveys for mineral exploration. Please contact us for a free proposal – let us help you to better understand the regional geology of your exploration site.

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November 10, 2020

Sisprobe attended the SEG 2020, that was held online between the 11th and 16th of October. We had a great success and plenty of questions about imaging the geological structures in a copper-deposit area in Canada. In the meantime, new geophysical information from our partner Generation Mining confirmed this great result and work is still ongoing.

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November 3, 2020

Rio Tinto’s Boron Mine

Sisprobe has set up a seismic network at Rio Tinto’s Boron Mine in California to monitor ground motion cause by mine operations and regional earthquakes. The Boron mine is approximately 100km from the epicenters of the 2019 Ridgecrest M6.4 and M7.1 earthquakes. Shown is one of the seismic monitoring stations that provides real-time monitoring, event alert, and ground motion analysis

October 28, 2020

Using drilling as a seismic noise source

Sisprobe has shipped 100 nodes to a location near Freiberg in Germany where the Canadian compagny Excellon Resources Inc. (NYSE: EXN, TSX: EXN) is conducting exploration drilling for silver ore deposits. We will record noise emitted from the drill bit and assess whether this provides a useful source of high-frequency noise for near-borehole seismic imaging. The project will be conducted in conjunction with the PACIFIC and INFACT Horizon 2020 projects.

October 22, 2020

A video tour of the Marathon PGE-Cu deposit 

In the PACIFIC project, Sisprobe did a passive seismic survey of the Marathon PGE-Cu deposit, Ontario, Canada. Seismic velocity models help to define the geometry of the gabbroic intrusions that host the mineralisation and represent an economical and environmentally friendly exploration technique.

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