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About Sisprobe:

Sisprobe has pioneered and continues to develop the world’s most innovative seismic techniques for noise-based imaging. Our passive seismic products and services enable low-cost and environmentally friendly surveys.

Sisprobe is the world’s leading provider of subsurface imaging and monitoring using ambient noise surface wave tomography. The most environmentally-friendly method of subsurface seismic imaging and monitoring. 

Sisprobe processes passive seismic data for projects and clients worldwide – in France, Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. The method is used in many industries including petroleum, mining, geothermal, geo-engineering, water resources, and geo-hazards.

Sisprobe is a dynamic startup created only a year ago and hosted at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University Grenoble-Alpes. Sisprobe’s scientific committee comprises world-renowned researchers at the forefront of developments in the field of passive imaging.

Sisprobe: imaging the earth, creative technologies for our changing word!


Sisprobe has recently hired two new engineers. More positions may open in software development and management in coming months.




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