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SISPROBE offers state-of-the-art, source-free, cable-free multi-component 3D seismic imaging solutions for global applications. Fast, cheap, efficient. Right the first time. Results in months using naturally occurring ambient seismicity in the earth. Huge bottom line impact.

Especially valuable in frontier exploration, in fold-thrust belts with complex and steep structures, surface volcanics, shallow carbonates and shallow gas, estuary and transition zone-marine settings, and many more. Smart survey planning and de-risking before high-cost 2D and 3D seismic programs.

SISPROBE offers a full range of solutions to challenges in seismic survey design, seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation, exploration, exploitation, shale plays, mineral exploration and mining, seismic risk, environmental impact, long-term monitoring and many other applications.




The technique has been successfully applied for imaging the crust (Shapiro et al. 2005), volcanoes (Brenguier et al. 2007) and fault zones (Roux et al. 2011).

It also allows imaging and monitoring the subsurface for industrial applications including oil & gaz (Mordret et al. 2013) mine security and mineral exploration (Olivier et al. 2015a,b).

The boom in passive source seismology has been described in a paper in Science.


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